Band Info

Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia's a hybrid of sorts which links the DIY sample-yourself aesthetic of the Flaming Lips with the recontextualizing, sample-the-planet approach that the Tape-beatles salute. REN blends self-sampling and straightforward production to create a cohesive sound in which one can easily imagine a guitarist playing rock licks side-by-side another musician running a laptop, sampler and video deck, while another man works the boards, nestling these disparate sounds into full texture. REN is like the musical equivalent of Celebrity Deathmatch, wrestling Vaudeville into the same ring as Sports Rock, Progressive into the arena of Folk Blues, New Wave onto the same court as Industrial, Techno laying down next to Classical.The Brothers Brooks (Dan Jeremy & Jeffrey) surround themselves with instruments they canít really play (and CDs they love to play), producing music they wouldnít recognize on staff paper.

Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia's music is about trying to capture the itching feeling that sometimes you canít even find, let alone reach to scratch. Itís about that feeling you get on a July twilight with the hammer down, the headlights on, and your hand out the window, when thereís no place youíd rather be. Itís something like that movie you love past logic, the new favorite book youíve just read, the song youíre waiting for on the radio.