Apocalypse Cow

We at Apocalypse Cow have been working hard lately with some great bands. If you're curious about who, here you go:

Two Minutes Later of Naperville
4 to 2 of Aurora, IL
A.D.D. of Oak Park, IL
(***** A.D.D. has just finished "What Are You Listening To?"
to order one you can contact me ...
jeffrey@roughly.net ****)
Angie Mead
of Chicago
Aunt Martha of Aurora
Alexa Anselme of Batavia, IL
Blaked of DeKalb, IL
Brita and the Hix of Wheretheheck, Idaho
Greg Boerner of Batavia, IL
Blaked of DeKalb
Chasing You of Oswego IL
Billy Croft, of Batavia, IL
CrossTown of Naperville, IL
David Byron of Aurora, IL
Digi-Pimps of B-town
Douser of Plano, IL
Gloom Sprinkles of Batavia, IL
Going Home of Plano, IL
Hank's Gotta Go of Itaska, IL
HooHah, of St. Paul, MN
Ketene of OakPark, IL
Killing Season of Aurora
Loukeelium of Aurora, IL
Not Mikey of Minneapolis, MN (the Golpher State)
One Step Behind of Yorkville, IL
Orefisaurus of Oak Park IL
Postoasties of Oswego, IL
Save the Whale of West Aurora, IL
Slightly Paradise of Iowa City, IA
Squeegee Thieves of Oswego, IL
Sol FX of Glendale Heights, IL
The Stun of Aurora, IL
TagAlong of Oswego IL
Ten Miles To Trent of Park Ridge, IL
Terrakore of Oswego, IL
Trauma Effect of Oswego
Two Minutes Later of Naperville. IL
Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia of Boulder Hill, IL

Unvoided of Oswego, IL
The Visitors of Boulder Hill, IL
Wicked Clover of "B-town
WHT of Chicago
Yorkville Big Band of (you guessed it . . . ) Yorkville, IL

If you wish to contact any of these bands, please send mail to (band name here) c/o Apocalypse Cow